Be prepared
for every challenge.

Deckhand is a person who is a typical “problem fixer”
and it is a very valuable member of the crew. From maintaining
the exterior of the yacht to being a helping hand for the guests
you will get a chance to learn all general operations on a yacht.
This course is designed to give you theoretical and practical
knowledge that will make you stand out from the start you join
the yacht. As your partner in getting the dream job we make sure
that you will have a professional cv written while you are attending
our course. So wait no more and join us in adventures life of working
on yachts around the world.

Who is it for?

The position is perfect for a person who is handy and flexible
as it requires a lot of effort covering all of the duties a deckhand
has on board.

Start date

5 days 


At least 18 years
High school degree
English knowledge

490 €

Course content
  • Yacht maintenance
  • Hierarchy and organization of work on deck
  • Introduction to deck equipment
  • Personal safety and risk assessment
  • Familiarization with water toys
  • Communication on board
  • Environmental protection and safety at sea
  • Duties of the yacht crew
  • Professional behavior on the yacht
  • Yacht cv & job interview
  • Practice on board and in the workshop
What will i get?
  • aya Superyacht Deckhand Certificate
  • Hands-on knowledge that will help you find your feet on board of yacht
  • How to adopt winning mentality and take positive criticism
  • Practical day on yacht and in a workshop
  • Opportunity to present yourself to the yachting industry
  • More specific education possibilities to sharpen your skills
How it works?

Our 3–part program arms you with
all the qualifications and skills you
need to step onboard, and much more than that.

Main Course

Department that involves duties such as yacht exterior maintenance
and repair, gangway control, rope handling, anchoring and berthing ect.

Additional Courses

Extra skills to set you apart.

Approved Engine Course (AEC)

on request

on request

Fitness Trainer

on request

on request

Joga Trainer

on request

on request

Open Water Diver

on request

on request


on request

on request

Drone – Pilot

on request

on request


on request

on request

Needed STCW

Without this certificates you can’t step on board.
Good things is we have them all in one place.

D2 – Basic safety


6 days

€ 340,00

Suggested STCW

Most crew members must have these certifications to work on board.

D42 – Security awareness 

(STCW VI/6–1)

1 day

€ 140,00

D43 – Proficiency in
designated security duties

(STCW VI/6–2)

1 day

€ 180,00

Explore new possibilities.


How I can become a part of the yacht crew?

One of the first questions we all meet when we want to make a lifestyle change. There are a lot of people that apply every day for opening position on a yacht but only few make the cut. We are here to help you with all of this. From advice, specialized courses to recommendation that can help you find a job. We will help you how to write a CV in a proper way, how to present yourself to the industry, get the needed knowledge and certificates needed and finally give you an insight in a yachting industry as well how to adopt winning mentality!

Can I enroll in a single course?

Our academy is design to give you exactly what you need. Therefore, you can choose what fits your needs and in which part you want to broaden you knowledge. Even a single course can give you an advantage in finding the dream job or delivering the “WoW” factor in this industry!

Do your courses include practical part or just theoretical?

Professionals from yachting industry have developed our courses. Without practical knowledge, this would not be a complete story. Our courses are designed to give you extensive practical knowledge and teach you the smallest details that will help you in everyday situations on a yacht. On the end of every course we are taking you on a practical day – to visit a yacht so all of the knowledge learned can be simulated in a realistic environment.

Can you help me find a job?

Yes, we can. But please note that we are not a crewing agency. As this is one of the most common questions that we get we have developed a system of recommendation lists. So when you join our course feel free to give it your best and our instructors will help you with all they can to find you a suitable position. In the end we send out our recommendation list to our partner agencies which they can use to contact you for an opening position.