Exclusive yacht chef

Sharpen your skills
to the most detailed level of food art.

Our course is more than just preparing exclusive dishes
and treats for your guests. It will make you ready with
all of the challenges a chef on a yacht has to deal with.
Learn all of the special details that awaits you on yacht
and make your guests and crew feel blessed that have
you as their chef. We will guide you how to make right
provisioning and make preference lists and how to properly
organize the kitchen on a yacht. Although we will teach you
how to prepare the most wanted menus on yachts, how
to keep sanitation to the most highest standards and the tricks
how to present food when you have some different conditions
then in kitchens on shore our course is much more than just that.
We will give you insights on how to behave on a yacht and how to
became a valuable member of the crew and overlap all of the
challenges a chef has to face when he first steps on board.
During the course like in all of our other courses,
we will make sure you have a professional CV written while
you are attending our course with professional photos that
will give you a better chance of landing the dream job on
a yacht! So join us, develop the yachting mentality and
learn the importance of the smallest details as well
as the expertise in preparing the most demanding dishes.

Who is it for?

You have been working as a chef in hotels or restaurants
and you want to try out at something new? Our program
for Exclusive yacht chef is the right choice if you want
to set on a new challenge and make it in the luxury and
prestige world of yachting!

Start date


8 days 


18 years
Culinary high school degree or other form of formal culinary education

1-year experience working in a restaurant or hotel galley (or similar)
Knowledge of English

950 €

Course content:
  • Business communication, CV making and job interview practice
  • Application of HACCP standards on board
  • Allergens, healthy foods, religious and cultural differences
  • Marpol and the garbage record book
  • Welcoming and receiving guests, compiling menus for guests and crew, preference lists
  • Calculation and procurement of groceries
  • Modern food preparation technologies
  • Modern approach to gastronomy, food art
  • Modern approach to food decoration and food lighting
  • Artisan bread and pastry making
  • Finger food
  • Fine dining
  • World cuisines – Mediterranean and Asian cuisine
  • World cuisines – French and Italian cuisine
What will i get?
  • aya  Exclusive Yacht Chef Certificate
  • Applying the rules of personal hygiene, hygiene of the working space, appliances and utensils
  • Identifying sources of danger at work in order to prevent injuries and ensure safety at work and using personal protective equipment
  • Creating different dishes depending on the type of cuisine from different parts of the world
  • Organizing work in the kitchen in difficult working conditions (cramped space, rough sea, lack of storage space)
  • Planning supply of ingredients in all parts of the world
How it works?

Our 3–part program arms you with
all the qualifications and skills you
need to step onboard, and much more than that.

Main Course

Designed to give you theoretical and practical knowledge
needed to work and succeed in the luxury yachting world.

Additional Courses

Extra skills to set you apart.

Pastry Course

on request

on request

Advance Gluten Free

on request

on request

Vegan, Vege Advance Course

on request

on request


on request

on request

Needed STCW

Without this certificates you can’t step on board.
Good things is we have them all in one place.

D2 – Basic safety


6 days

€ 340,00

Suggested STCW

Most crew members must have these certifications to work on board.

D42 – Security awareness 

(STCW VI/6–1)

1 day

€ 140,00

D43 – Proficiency in designated
security duties

(STCW VI/6–1)

1 day

€ 180,00

Explore new possibilities.


How I can become a part of the yacht crew?

One of the first questions we all meet when we want to make a lifestyle change. There are a lot of people that apply every day for opening position on a yacht but only few make the cut. We are here to help you with all of this. From advice, specialized courses to recommendation that can help you find a job. We will help you how to write a CV in a proper way, how to present yourself to the industry, get the needed knowledge and certificates needed and finally give you an insight in a yachting industry as well how to adopt winning mentality!

Can I enroll in a single course?

Our academy is design to give you exactly what you need. Therefore, you can choose what fits your needs and in which part you want to broaden you knowledge. Even a single course can give you an advantage in finding the dream job or delivering the “WoW” factor in this industry!

Do your courses include practical part or just theoretical?

Professionals from yachting industry have developed our courses. Without practical knowledge, this would not be a complete story. Our courses are designed to give you extensive practical knowledge and teach you the smallest details that will help you in everyday situations on a yacht. On the end of every course we are taking you on a practical day – to visit a yacht so all of the knowledge learned can be simulated in a realistic environment.

Can you help me find a job?

Yes, we can. But please note that we are not a crewing agency. As this is one of the most common questions that we get we have developed a system of recommendation lists. So when you join our course feel free to give it your best and our instructors will help you with all they can to find you a suitable position. In the end we send out our recommendation list to our partner agencies which they can use to contact you for an opening position.